This is my first post and review. First of all, it was a honor and pure luck to participate this group training. Seeing 이승훈 was once in a lifetime experience. It was my first time seeing a Korean bodybuilder who won international competitions. I was also shocked by the high school bodybuilder, whose wrist was thicker than my ankle. Most of the members were fit and some of the members were very swole but not as big as I seen in the states.

The emcee was definitely one of the more fit person there.It was interesting that 이승훈 recommended pull-ups as warm-ups. He said that since most people have their shoulders rounded, we need to open our bodies by doing pull-ups. 
This is a video of 이승훈 doing one-arm dumbbell lateral raise, which he recommends doing with heavier dumbbells. Holding something stable on one hand and a dumbbell on the other makes the exercise focus more on the shoulder and less cheating. 

Here you can see 이승훈 doing the rear deltoid raise. His recommendation of holding the most muscular pose while bent over and performing rear raises give more focus on the rear deltoids. He also recommended that when performing this exercise, imagine as if you were training your back. So stretch your lats and then squeeze your shoulder blades. 

This is a video of side lateral raise. There were two things that intrigued me. First, the 55 reps method he was using. 이승훈 would first do one rep, then two reps, then three reps, then four reps, on and on. Second, his breathing technique. He would inhale then perform rep(s) and then exhale and inhale again. It was like if you were performing squat or valsalva maneuver. 이승훈 also recommended that with lighter weights, you should feel like as if you were throwing the dumbbells out of your hands. 

The gym was huge but that was it. It barely had weight plates, power cages, and dumbbells. I found it shocking that the most heaviest dumbbells were 60lbs. The 3D smith machine was okay but I already seen those in the states. I found the gym terrible because I believed it was not using its spacious area properly. The gym was a waste of land. Although it had ropes and TRX straps. 

The members I seen were very dedicated in lifting. Most of the members seemed like they were more interested in bodybuilding than strength training or powerlifting. I am a huge fan of bodybuilding but I believe strength training is the big umbrella covering all types of weight training sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, and crossfit. I think next time it would be better to find a gym with heavier dumbbells and more power racks for those who enjoy free weights over machines.

PS. When I first got to the group training room, I received my purple goodie bag. But when we returned after shoulder lesson with 이승훈, someone stole my bag. As mentioned by the emcee, there were only 30 something bags so it is reasonable that some one who did not get a bag took mine. I was disappointed losing my bag since Jay Cutler is one of my favorite bodybuilders and the same name of one of my favorite quarterbacks. It kinda felt like losing my land unreasonably in the hands of another country. It is a shame that this happened on our Independence Day. 

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